Enrico Bottelli 2007 Lorenzo Model Nylon String Guitar -Used


Truly superlative classic guitar tone that demands attention.

What we think:

We typically deal in the finest and most well-built instruments in the world, and every once and once a truly great masterbuilt guitar comes through the shop and makes us bow our heads. This Bottelli is quite simply one of the best guitars out there. It has exquisitely mature rosewood tone: powerful bass response and an overtone bite that gives every note that comes out of an air of masterful authority. European spruce adds both an element of focusing and crispness of next, and is richly mild. If you're a player looking for the instrument to accompany your career, or collector looking to have one of the best guitars, this is the one.

Manufacturer Description:

This guitar should be kept in an environment in which the humidity level is no lower than 42% and no higher than 65% and the temperature no lower than 45 F and no higher than 85 F degrees. Please see enclosed guitar care essay for further important care details. If you have any questions about the care of this fine handcrafted classical guitar, please give us a call immediately. 

I hope that this fine individually hand crafted classical guitar gives you and your listeners much pleasure for many years to come. 

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