Landry LS100M/LS100G3 Amp Head - Used


A Killer LS100M modded by Bill Landry himself to use EL34's instead of 6L6's, making it closer to the LS100G3 model. 

What we think:

If you are looking for the lovely sparkle of a tight clean amp paired with the gain stages of a raging rock machine on steroids then look no further.  This amp has tons of tonal options ranging from clean to crunch and full-on lead. The individual EQ's for it's different channels make dialing in a variety of tones easy as can be, and the three-way bright switch paired with the depth and cut knobs only add to the many options you could possibly imagine. This is a powerful head for those that want to rock out in style. It would be great for those that love to play with minimal pedal interruption, and pedal board junkies alike!     

Condition: Good. Minimal wear around the edges.

Manufacturer Description:

The LS100M and G3 are all tube and hand-built in the USA. With two independent channels, clean (your choice between a dirty clean and a pure clean) and distortion there is no sacrifice in tone as you change from one channel to the other.

The clean channel has all the sparkle and warmth of a black face era Fender, while the distortion channel gives you the drive of a beefed-up Marshall. Each channel has its own gain, treble, mid, bass and volume controls. On the distortion channel, is also a three way bright switch on the front panel, and a “tone shift” switch on the rear panel.

The distortion channel has an additional gain stage (high gain) accessible by the footswitch. The high gain mode on the distortion channel gives you another level of distortion and sustain without sounding fizzy, eliminating the need for distortion pedals. This added stage has its own gain control that works in combination with the distortion channel gain control. Even in high gain mode, when you turn down the guitar volume, it cleans up very nicely adding much versatility.

Other controls are, global reverb, master, and presence on the front, and depth control on the back.

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