Pedulla MVP 4 String Electric Bass #3337 - Used


Pedulla's rock solid build quality and playability at a pre-loved price!

What we think:

Condition: Used, Great - Some minor checking consistent with normal wear

Weight: 9.35 lbs.

Man oh man, this bass feels and sounds good! Pedulla has long had a reputation for building quality versatile instruments and this baby is a testament to that legacy. The body is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort on stage or in the studio and the neck is sleek and fast without feeling too thin. The active electronics configuration offers a dizzying array of options that are sure to please any player, regardless of genre. Whatever your style, this MVP4 will help you get the most out of your playing! 


Manufacturer Description:

Based on the unique design that first brought M.V. Pedulla to prominence, the MVP (fretted) and Buzz (fretless) basses combine hard-hitting tone with player-friendly ergonomics, making them favorites for the stage and studio alike. Available in 4-,5-,6-, and 8-string configurations, the MVP is a fretted bass featuring neck-through-body construction for superb sustain and tone, plus a sleek and facile neck shape, ebony fingerboard, and a beautifully sculpted flame maple body. The ergonomic design includes a deep cutaway on the treble side for easy access to all 24 frets and an extended bass side horn that provides a perfect balance point when a strap is used. The 5-string and 6-string basses are available in both 17.5mm spacing and 19mm spacing.

A three-piece laminated maple neck passes through the entire length of the body, providing maximum focus and sustain. In addition, a double-acting truss rod and two steel stiffening bars in the neck reinforce and maintain stability. The 24-fret ebony fingerboard is inlaid with 5mm mother of pearl dots, and its hardness resists wear and contributes to the MVP's distinctive tone and sustain.

The MVP /Buzz is available with your choice of pickups: PJ, JJ, or Soapbar:

PJ combination: This set-up is extremely versatile and, as a result, is the most commonly used pickup configuration of the MVP/Buzz series. The PJ, to our ears, is the best way to reproduce what the strings and wood of the instrument are doing acoustically. The split “P” has a tight midrange growl and combines very well with the upper mids of “J” pickup. With a full -range, flat frequency response, the PJ set-up allows you to tailor sound through careful selection of amplifier, cabinet, and EQ.

JJ combination: The JJ has the same bridge pickup as the PJ, but can provide more

low-end with just the fingerboard pickup and more upper midrange with both.

Finger sound is warm and slap is full of growl and bite. Soap Bar (SB) humbucking pickup combination: This configuration packs a lot of low-end bite, a full midrange and a very bright high-end (this sucker has guts). The bridge pickup has a similar round, tight sound as a single J pickup, and is slightly thicker. The soap bars also have an integral straight gain preamp.

For maximum flexibility, the current standard control layout on the MVP/Buzz series consists of volume, pan, active treble and bass controls (which boost or cut the bass +/-15db, and the treble +/-15db), plus a midrange boost/cut switch. The amount of boost/cut on the midrange toggle is adjustable by trim pots in the control cavity, as is the overall preamp gain.

Hardware was specially chosen to complement the natural acoustic design of the MVP, as well as for their quality and reliability. A durable and lustrous polyester finish protects the MVP/BUZZ from the rigors of performance and travel. The fretless version of the MVP, the Buzz series, embodies the essence of fretless bass: responsive to every nuance, able to translate the most subtle of musical expressions, yet possessing the same authoritative tonal spectrum as the MVP.

The Buzz series consists of the Buzz, PENTABUZZ, HEXABUZZ, and OCTABUZZ, with 4, 5, 6, and 8 strings, respectively. Its polyester-finished fingerboard is glass-smooth, giving the Buzz its distinctive voice while protecting the ebony from the rigors of performance and round wound strings. Inlaid white markers in the fingerboard (also available without markers or custom sideline markers only) guide the player and are especially helpful to both beginners and seasoned veterans. All other features of the Buzz are identical to the fretted MVP models.

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