Washburn Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Acoustic R316SWRK


Limited Edition historic reissue from Washburn! #193 of 250!

What we think:

Killer vibe on this thing! Wonderful little parlor guitar with tone from the old, weird America. Great guitar for a period musician, or a songwriter looking for a comfortable accompanying instrument. The carved bridge is awesome! 

Manufacturer Description:

The Vintage Series recreates or resembles some of the great Washburn instruments that were crafted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Included are parlor sized models as well as a jumbo, southern jumbo and several mandolins available in our mandolin section here. In order to create the "vibe" of a 100 year old instrument that has been well played but not abused, we have added a vintage finish and distressed hardware. Because these guitars are built using modern techniques and materials, the resulting instruments are more durable and in many cases better sounding than their century old counterparts.

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