Divided by Thirteen RSA 23 w/ 2x12 Cabinet Amplifier - Used


Just oozing with rich harmonics and dynamic response!! A killer amp from the guys over at Divided by 13!

What we think:

This head and cabinet are just what I needed to cure these Monday Morning Blues. Plugging this baby in and getting to take her for a spin was an absolute treat as she's dynamic as can be - responds so well to the smallest nuances in my playing. It has an absolutely rich and rounded sound just oozing with harmonics reminiscent of the early British amplifiers. Pristine and clean or creamy and driven, it didn't matter. This Divided by was exactly what I needed, and it's built like a tank. This one's a winner.

Condition: Great

Manufacturer Description:

RSA 23
Combining the best attributes of several of our favorite British amplifier formats, the RSA 23 presents a truly unique and stand-alone sonic signature rarely heard before. From the speed, sensitivity and dynamics of our favorite EL84 amp from England, to the midrange punch and aggressive drive of some of our favorite 50 to 100 Watt 4-input amplifiers from England, topped off with the very unique roaring, powerful, creamy and articulate overdrive offered in our favorite 200 Watt KT88 amplifier from England, the single note chord definition at all ranges from 1 to 10 is simply spectacular.

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