Furch S24LSR-Cut Jumbo Series Sitka/Rosewood Jumbo #57013


A great Furch with cutaway and Sitka Spruce Top!

What we think:

This guitar has a beautiful balance to it not normally associated with Rosewood, such a lush and harmonic sound. It's almost as if a natural compressor is on the guitar making sure the perfect amount of frequencies are coming at you from all registers. The lush overtone's almost slow you down as a player because you want to take a second to hear how they resolve into one another. Furch guitars are becoming one of our favorite lines here at SoundPure and consistently great products like this are exactly why.

Manufacturer Description:

Model 24 is a very natural-feeling instrument. Its beauty comes from the harmonies of woods used, as shown in the combination of the red Padouk binding and either Indian Rosewood or European Flamed Maple back and sides, both complimented beautifully by our hand-polished Vintage finish.

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