Abyss (Pederson Custom) SC 7-String Electric Guitar - USED


An extremely rare and masterfully crafted 7-string by Abyss, now known as Pederson Custom Guitars!

What we think:

Weight: 9.15

Condition: Good, fair amount of wear and buckle rash on back, scratches and nicks throughout body. 

As soon as this axe came into the shop, I knew I was going to have a good time writing this review. As the resident metal-head, I was waiting for this moment to come - a thoroughbred mean and lean brutal machine waiting to be explored.

As I saddled up, I took a moment to breathe in the calm and still silence casting over the shop - pretty much everybody knew that moment was about to end as soon as I plugged in. From a fat and chunky low end to focused mids and treble frequencies so defined they could blow my eyebrows off, I knew I was in for a treat. Shrewdly put, this guitar is ferocious and means business. It's harmonically rich and the pickups keep a defined clarity no matter how hard the amp is pushed, which is appreciated in heavy music to maintain a sense of order throughout all the hectic noise.

All in all, this guitar is a metalhead's dream, able to cover ground in all sorts of sub-genres of heavy music all the while maintaining those great looks. There will be one happy man rockin' away his days when this baby finds it's forever home. 

Manufacturer Description:

Pederson Custom Guitars brings you the very best in custom handmade guitars. From our Patent Pending Adjustable Acoustic Bone Saddles to our adjustable necks to our light top bracings, each innovation is designed to bring you an amazing playing experience. Be sure to explore our industry first detailed neck inlays.

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