Very nice 1971 Ovation Glen Campbell model 1127-4 Balladeer, with original case (broken handle - I'll get it fixed for you...). One of Ovation's first artist-endorsed models, and a significant and desirable historic model (check out the prices on US-made reissues!). Very good condition throughout, and a smooth player with superb tone. It has several of the large surface cracks that are typical in older Ovations, except those that have been absolutely pampered. Two longer ones from the bridge, two shorter ones at the bridge, and two very light ones along the fretboard extension. These of course are not wood cracks, but are essentially heavy weather checks that usually develop in the thick glossy finish where there is a little stress on the top. Several small pits on the first three frets, but most fortunately they do not cause any buzzy fretting. Also a very slight hump at the body joint, but again no effect on playing. Appropriate gold Schallers, but not original to this guitar. Bowl is really clean, although the little anti-slip pad has shifted a bit over the years (see pic). Action is set very low for an acoustic, with the high E 12th fret just over 1/16". Frets cleanly though. An aggressive player, however, might swap in a taller saddle to take it up to 3/32 or so. Surprising amount of bottom end, mixed with crisp jangle on strummed chords. Really nice tone. I used to be a snob about "plastic" guitars, but I've owned some nice Ovations, and this is one of them. Original case in solid shape. A little scuffed up, and has a new handle, but still 100% solid. I have this one priced comfortably between a few cleaner ones at the high end and some projects at the lower end.

Hootenanny Vintage Guitars

Very Good
Original Hard
11 Years
Hootenanny Vintage Guitars
Thomas Patrick Diggins
Youngstown, OH
10:02 AM

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