Here’s a beautifully crafted oblong mandolin case from renowned mandolin builder, John Paganoni who is equally known for
his amazing cases. This is an incredibly accurate replica of the original cases shipped with the Gibson Lloyd Loar F-5 mandolins in the 1920s. 
Mr. Paganoni is well known for his craftsmanship and attention to detail, as evidenced here by this excellent example. Each of these cases was hand built and even dated (Oct. 2, 1980). This one is in excellent condition with a few minor scuff marks here and there on the exterior. The interior is like new and will be extremely protective of your Florentine style mandolin.


mandolin not included

Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

1924 (2010 reissue)
Original Hard
Vintage Gintage
Bob Page