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726 Lafayette Ave
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"If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't sell it; it's that simple.
Official Patoma Pick Dealer

The Original Diamond Grip Pick. If you have difficulty holding onto a pick you must stop into Moe's Guitars to play this pick.

Moe's Testimonial: 4 Years ago I developed neuropathy. To add insult to injury the neuropathy made it almost impossible to hold onto a pick for more than a verse of a song. Soloing went out the window all together. I was disheartened. With that being said anyone suffering from nerve damage knows the lack of confidence they have when approaching their instrument. Well, I can honestly say this Patoma Pick has given me back the confidence I needed to continue enjoying the instrument.

You are not defeated, just playing the wrong pick.

See ya soon,


Moe's Guitars

Moe's Guitars

Brand New
9 Years
Moe's Guitars
Moe Thomas
Hawthorne, NJ
1:49 PM
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