Hand crafted Patrick Eggle guitar with an incredible back story.  Ok so I consider Andy Marshall (Founder of THD Amps) a ear I eye for quality...and experience that I draw from regularly (plus he's a great person).  Ok enough sucking up...on with Andy reluctantly parted with this guitar that he acquired brand new.  As Andy tells me...he was searching for a PRS Santana and nothing was resonating (get the joke...ok) ...after trying endless PRS guitars Andy spotted this Patrick Eggle.  Well...Mr Marshall was so impressed with this instrument that he grabbed it and it's been in his collection since...

A great story...until you turn the page...and Andy tells me he loved this guitar because you could hear it clearly...Andy felt it was THE guitar that most accurately translated an amp's tone. Ok the cool thing about this guitar is that it was THE guitar that Andy HIMSELF used to voice his amps.  If you like THD products then THIS is the guitar you need to hear it as Andy himself intended (I think I just talked myself into raising the price).   The guitar was actually featured in an advertisement that told this very same story.

So...before you go 'yeah whatever' ask yourself if a guy who could get whatever he wanted.....yet created a world respected brand....would have been as successful wtihout this tool ....ok maybe that's a stretch (so I knocked the price back down).



Patrick Eggle
Jim Pallotta
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