PRS Custom 22 Blood Orange 10-Top Electric Guitar 216140


Paul Reed Smith's Custom 22 in a stellar blood orange finish!

What we think:

Paul Reed Smith has spent the latter-half of his life cementing a legacy that puts him among the luthiery greats. The Custom 22 exemplifies all that it is to be a PRS guitar, with everything from top-notch wood choices to superb craftsmanship. And it doesn't hurt that this Blood Orange Custom 22 has an impeccably stunning finish too!

The playability of this guitar is incredible. The rosewood fingerboard feels very open and breathes well, to the point where you can feel the vibrations up your fingers. The neck is amazingly smooth, giving you the ability to glide up and down the board with ease. The sound profile is exactly that of a PRS Custom, and that means bold but able to bend! The guitar has a typical tight low end and soothing mid range you'll find in most of Paul Reed Smith's guitars, however its ability to articulate individual notes among otherwise lush chords is remarkable. The pickups catch onto very small nuances and have a great touch sensitive dynamic.

Put simply, this guitar is awesome. The looks, sounds, and playability are all incredible and the sum of the parts is more impressive. This Blood Orange Custom 22 is just begging to be plugged in and played!

Manufacturer Description:

The Custom 22 is a classic workhorse with all the tones you’ve come to expect from your PRS with a distinctive, warm midrange and clarity thanks, in part, to its 57/08 treble and bass pickups. These pickups are wired for our 5-way blade switch, which offers a dual humbucker option (see switching positions below).The Custom 22 also features your choice of a Pattern or Pattern Thin mahogany neck and your choice of a PRS tremolo or stoptail bridge.

Pickup Switching Positions:
Position One: Bridge humbucker
Position Two: Bridge humbucker with neck singlecoil, in parallel 
Position Three: Bridge and neck humbuckers
Position Four: Neck singlecoil with bridge singlecoil, in parallel
Position Five: Neck humbucker

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