Was there a band in the 80's called Yellow Tiger? Didn't they do a stint on tour with the similarly named Glass Tiger? Maybe not... But there should have been!

Before we say anything else - let us say: This finish is AWE-SUM!

This Paul Reed Smith 408 in Yellow Tiger brings the versatility and voicing of the Private Stock Signature and the Signature Limited Edition to PRS’s Core line. This guitar is designed to hit a wide range of tones and is capable of doing so thanks to the asymmetric pickup pairing. This configuration is a throwback to the experimental 1980s - and the 3-way blade pickup and two mini toggle coil tap switches provide numerous combinations of humbucking and single coil tones.

Carved figured maple on mahagony body - classic combo. Rosewood fretboard on mahogany pattern neck profile neck - comfy smooth.

One of the most unique PRS offerings, get one of these versatile delights in your arsenal today!

Other specifications include:

Carved Figured Maple Ten Top
Mahogany Back
25" Scale Length
22 Frets
Mahogany neck
Rosewood Fretboard
Pattern neck profile
Bird inlays
PRS phase III locking tuners
PRS Tremolo
Hardware hybrid
408 treble and bass pickups
Volume and tone control with 3-way blade pickup switch and two mini toggle coil tap switches
Hard Case
7 lbs 14 oz

For more information about the PRS 408, please contact us.

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Eddie's Guitars

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