The Peavey 6505 is a 2-Channel 120 Watt amplifier that stands as a powerhouse designed for those who crave high-gain perfection and a relentless assault. Both lead and rhythm channels each offer a distinct personality. With this amp you are able to choose your entry point with High Gain and Normal Gain inputs. 

Tailor your sound from the ground up using the responsive 3-Band EQ. From thunderous lows to searing highs, this amplifier puts you in command. Fine-tune your gain structure with Pre and Post Gain controls for both channels. Whether you're dialing in a tight rhythm crunch or a blistering lead, the flexibility is at your fingertips.

It contains a built-in Effects Loop and is Powered by 5 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 x 6L6GC power tubes, this amp doesn't just amplify; it roars with an unmistakable character 

I’d say it's of the same sonic pedigree of the Peavey 5150, as this amp faithfully captures its essence. From the aggressive crunch to the lead tones, it's practically a sonic twin to the iconic 5150. This amplifier is a chameleon, capable of delivering a wide array of tones beyond its reputation. It's not just a gain machine  able to get clean, crunch, and high-gain realms

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