Pedaltrain Volto - Pedal Power Supply


Up to 36 hours of wireless power!

What we think:

We now stock the NEWEST version of the Volto. Many improvements have been made. Here's the rundown-


  1. We've enhanced the circuit for even quieter operation, especially with gain/overdrive pedals.  We call this the G-MOD circuit.
  2. We've added two green LEDs to indicate if the unit is powered on/off.  This is especially useful during charging.
  3. We've improved the USB charging cable. Some customers experienced shorts in this cable. 
  4. We've improved the battery's power distribution and taper. 
  5. Based on dealer feedback, we've improved the packaging.  Gone is the plastic box and tray.  Instead, Volto comes in a really nice crafted (and stack-able) box with foam resting insert.  The feel of the packaging is much nicer. Also, Volto is better protected during transit.

Very cool addition to the world of powering your pedals! Super slim design, fits under just about any size board, without taking up much space at all!

Check out the video on this and let SoundPure know when you're ready to get this shipped to your doorstep!

Manufacturer Description:

The Pedaltrain VOLTO is an innovative solution for the pedal user on the go. Using cutting edge lithium-ion battery technology we have designed an efficient and super quiet alternative to traditional AC powered options. The Volto has two 9 volt outputs which are capable of providing a total output power capacity of 2000mA. The Volto is a great choice for small pedalboards like our Pedaltrain-NANO and MINI. It's also super thin, about the same size as a smart phone. The Volto includes connecting cables and an AC charger with universal plug adapters that will allow you to recharge anywhere in the world. Now your set up can be as clean and simple as one cable from your guitar to your pedalboard and one cable back to your amp, that's it! 

Note: Older Pedaltrain Minis, those manufactured before Summer 2012, will not accommodate Volto under-side mounting. We recommend top-side or front-edge mounting for these older boards.

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