Peluso CEMC6 Solid State Microphone


Our favorite affordable pair of SDCs for 10 years running! This quality SDC set from John Peluso offers an impressive display of warmth and detail at a very friendly price point.

What we think:

It was a pair of CEMC6 pencil mics that let us know that John Peluso was on to something. They led us to contact Peluso Labs about adding their line of microphones at Sound Pure. After spending over two years testing and using more than 50 different brand's pairs [ nearly every pair currently on the market ] of small condenser microphones, we found that while many of the less expensive microphones did give surprising quality for the money, none of them approached the performance of the higher priced small condenser mics. Other than the Josephson C42, no other small condenser microphone besides the Peluso CEMC6 offers this level of performance and detail for under $1000 per pair. 

The Peluso CEMC6 delivers natural, uncolored sound that is detailed with beautiful imagery. The CEMC6 excels on acoustic instruments, such as guitar, piano and percussion, and as an ORTF or X/Y pair for stereo recordings of ensembles, choirs and other live music events. Tapers, have we got a mic for you! Interchangeable and optional omni and hypercardioid capsules make these mics a killer deal if you want get into a serious small condenser mic for an affordable price.

All of our CEMC6 pairs are factory matched and come stock with cardioid capsules.


Optional capsules available:

Peluso CK-2 Omni Capsule

Peluso CK-21 Wide/Sub Cardioid Capsule

Peluso CK-41 Super/Hyper Cardioid

Manufacturer Description:

The Peluso CEMC-6 is a solid-state small diaphragm condenser microphone. The CEMC-6 ships with a fixed cardioid pattern capsule with a 20-millimeter gold sputtered diaphragm. The capsule is easily swapped with additional capsules (not included) that provide omni-directional, cardioid, wide cardioid, or hyper-cardioid patterns. The CECM-6 features a 10 dB and 20dB pad switch and a two-position high pass filter with 75hz and 150hz settings. This is a very versatile microphone used in the studio for vocals and acoustic instruments to drum overheads. For the remote recorder this is a great mic for orchestras and live audience tapers. You'll always get great results from one of the most versatile best sounding small diaphragm mics on the market.
Additional capsules with omni-directional, cardioid, wide cardioid, and hyper-cardioid patterns available.
Acoustically matched pairs available with our Stereo Kit.
The Single CEMC-6 ships with a hard mount. The Peluso Small Diameter Shock Mount is available separately.
Includes one CEMC-6 Microphone with Cardioid Capsule, a Hard Mount, and Wooden Storage Box

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