Peluso P84 Solid State SDC Microphone


John Peluso’s modern recreation of a fabled classic, the P84 perfectly blends the warmth of time-honored mics with detail, neutrality, and reliability of the modern age. FREE omni capsule included!

What we think:

The P84 is a faithful recreation of the legendary Neumann KM84. Unlike the modern more hyped sounding KM184 the P84 is much more neutral through the high frequencies and displays the same characteristic smoothness you'd expect from an original KM84. One thing I like over the original (and maybe its a result of newer electronics) is the P84s high frequency detail. I hear more high frequency content without it sounding overly modern or bright. 
I particularly like how the P84 behaves when placed close to stringed instruments. The smoother response really adds a level of musicality to my guitar playing while still allowing the natural tone of the instrument to ring clear. It’s a natural sound, but it’s far from sterile with a warmth that is slight but ever present. Of course depending on the style, the modern or hyped sound might be just what the doctor ordered. In this case I’d reach for something like the Miktek C5 or maybe the Neumann KM184. 
Getting the omni capsule (or capsules with the stereo set) is a generous bonus. The flight case is solid and the wooden box the mic comes in adds a nice bit of charm, but the shock mount is a tad bit disappointing. I like to use mine with the Rycote InVision INV-7 to tighten the low frequency response.
These mics truly walk the line between modern-hyped and Vintage-dark and have found a permanent home in my studio.

Manufacturer Description:

The Peluso P-84 is a small diaphragm 48v phantom powered microphone with an exceptionally flat frequency response curve.  With its transformer output and excellent cardioid pattern characteristics across the full frequency spectrum, our P-84 is remarkably authentic to its long discontinued inspiration, the Neumann KM-84.  Improved in low frequency responsiveness and high sound pressure level capacity the P-84 is one of most significant achievements yet.
The P-84 is available in stereo matched pairs as the P-84 SK.
Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: P-84 Microphone in a Wood Box, Omni and Cardioid Capsules with the extra capsule in a wood box, a Shock Mount and a hard mount, all packed in a Flight Case.

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