Peluso R14 Ribbon Microphone


Nice big, forward bottom-end performance coupled with smooth round ribbon highs.

What we think:

Peluso has made yet another incredible contribution to the high end microphone market, at a surprising price point. The R14 represents a fantastic blend between the aggressive, boxey bottom end, but well-built and resilient character of the Royer R-121 with the more versatile smoother top end associated with the AEA R84 and Coles 4038's.

This microphone is extremely well balanced, and will work wonderfully on your electric guitar cabinets, where you'd gladly stick your 121. But also where you are looking for something a little smoother on top, such as ribbon textured vocals or acoustic instruments where the boxey sound across the entire frequency spectrum of a Royer 121 can fall short.

If you are looking for a microphone to do more than just your electric guitar cabinet, this thing is too under priced to look elsewhere. The price makes this thing an absolute must have, with pairs of these selling for roughly the same price of Royer and Coles ribbon mics.

Manufacturer Description:

The Peluso R 14 Ribbon Microphone is a passive ribbon microphone. Our R-14 employs a thin corrugated aluminum ribbon tensioned between two rare earth neodymium magnets. It uses the long-ribbon geometry of classic ribbon microphones of the 1930s. The R 14 sound is rich, warm, and silky smooth with generous low end, and is known to take EQ very nicely. The natural sound of the R 14 Ribbon Microphone is the perfect complement to the condensers in your microphone collection. 
Remember never blow into a ribbon microphone!
The microphone comes as a complete system including: R 14 Microphone in a Wood Box, and a Shock Mount.

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