Let it rain, let it pour: this 2005 Petros Applecreek has opened up like a spring bed of tulips, and tastes about as sweet. Bruce Petros has access to some incredible woods, and it looks like he spared no expense in finding a deliciously flamed set of Koa for the back and sides, here paired with an amber-hued German Spruce top and Abalone appointments.

For the fingerstylist, this Applecreek Grand Concert is deadly: quick-playing neck and setup, trebles that cut well but don’t dominate the mix, remains lively and energetic in dropped tunings. Fit and finish are standard-issue flawless in the Petros style, with fossilized bridge pins and the curvaceous Petros headstock.

Responsive, effortless, and dynamic: the 2005 Petros Applecreek kills it.

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