As breathtaking as the first morning of spring with its promise of the coming warmth of sunlight, our 2010 Petros Yellow Rose FS is a work of art fit to breathe new life into your compositions--and your collection. Plucked harmonics yield haunting overtones, and the trebles shimmer with a focused edge, but don't overpower the balance between the bass and middle registers, which are themselves expressive and rich. And how could the voice be any less resplendent? Petros blessed the Yellow Rose with gorgeous and rare Ceylon Satinwood for the back and sides, whose bee's wing figure gives the guitar a sun-kissed golden hue, and an Engelmann Spruce top to ensure the tone of this guitar is comprehensive, articulate, and inspirational. With an Alaskan Yellow Cedar neck, the rich warmth is amplified further, and when the creamy ochre color helps showcase Petros' complex rose inlays across the fretboard, rosette, truss rod cover, and tuner knobs.Designed with the fingerstylist in mind, this FS Yellow Rose excels in lowered tunings, maintaining that elusive crispness despite the lowered string tension--thanks no doubt to that Engelmann Spruce top and the unflagging craftsmanship of Petros Guitars. If you're looking for a guitar that inspires as much for its appearance as its voice, your search is over: this rose is plucked for you.

Year Condition Color
2010 Mint Satinwood - Ceylon


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