Philippe Dubreuille is an amazing French luthier curently based in London.

The list of Stars for witch Philippe Dubreuille built guitars is very long, but to name a few : Billy Gibbons, Noel Gallagher, Robert Smith, David Gilmour...

In 2012, Philippe start working with Stormstudio (Design) and Jean Philippe Gallay (Painting) to create four uniques Stratocasters for David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) bearing the name « Dark Side Of The Moon ».

This is one of these four « Dark Side Of The Moon » from Philippe Dubreuille : an unique instrument in its conception, look and sounds.

The finish on this Stratocaster is a direct reference to the Pink Floyd album (Dark Side Of The Moon).

There is a couple of electronic circuit easily accesible through a switch : The first circuit offers replicas of the sounds of David Gilmour, while the second circuit brings traditionnal Stratocaster sounds.

Nico tried it out in our shop (Check Video)

Exclusively at Guitare Collection, Paris !



Philippe Dubreuille Fender
Dark Side Of The Moon
Original Hard
Daniel Zeiller
PARIS, Ile de France
10:44 AM
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