Phoenix Audio Nice DI - Class A, all Discrete Stereo DI


2-Channel Discrete Stereo DI

Manufacturer Description:

The Phoenix Audio “Nice DI” is a high-quality, active, Stereo DI, with Class A, discrete, high-impedance inputs (10M), and Class A, discrete, transformer balanced outputs. The Phoenix Audio Class A, all discrete, Stereo DI has been tested and used by many professionals in studio recording environments. And the comments are always the same…”This is the definitive DI!!!”. The DI’s characteristics are very noticeable on any input source, and is superb for “sweetening” the output from DAW or any other signal source. The overdrive is fantastic, the guitar sounds clean, clear, and un-restrained.  The result is a brighter, clearer sound. A transformation of your instrument. And a STEREO unit for the price of many mono units.

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