Phoenix Audio NICERIZER 16 mk2 Summing Amp


*Save $1000 through 2015!!* 16 channel Summing Mixer featuring independent panning on each channel, +8 dB channel boost, and Phoenix's venerable Class A, discrete, transformer balanced output stage.

Manufacturer Description:

The Nicerizer 16 was originally conceived because of the demand from customers for something that would “sweeten” the output from pro-tools and other DAW, and to make the final mix easier to distribute and handle.The Nicerizer 16 is designed to take the output out of the digital realm, and to add the Class A characteristics and feel before the final recording.

The “Nicerizer 16” uses our well proven and loved Class A output stage, but also has our latest breakthrough in transformerless Class A, Discrete Line Input Technology.

The Nicerizer 16 is a 2U 19″ rack mountable 16 – 2 Summing Mixer, that can be stacked and linked in any multiple and various configurations to give high quality, line-level, Class A, discrete buffering, summing and mixing.

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