Pork Pie 6x14 Maple Snare Drum Pink Satin Stain


Pork Pie™ Snare Drums are coveted and played by drummers all over the world. Like fine wine, there is no questioning an authentic Pork Pie™ Snare. It is simply known for having the truest sound of all snares on the market.

Whether recorded or live, the difference in your sound will be a custom Pork Pie™ Snare. Hearing is believing!

What we think:

This is a really spectacular snare. Visually the satin finish is very wonderful, and is transparent enough that you can still see the grain of the maple shell. It would be a compliment to any kit.

Manufacturer Description:

Pork Pie drums are the top-of-the-line. Standard equipment includes: 100% maple shells, Pork Rings mounting system, 2.3mm hoops, heavy duty spurs and our hour-glass shaped lug. Finish choices are limitless.

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