Pork Pie 7x14 Little Squealer Birch/Mahogany Snare Drum


Classic Pork Pie quality with the warmth of mahogany and brightness of birch.


What we think:

Snare sound is of paramount importance to a drummer, and Pork Pie's Little Squealer Birch Mahogany snare drum provides an instant upgrade to any drum kit. The 8-ply birch and mahogany  shell snare sounds great as a ballad snare tuned down, but equally, the sharp bearing edge and solid construction means there’s no fear in cranking it right up. In the higher tuning registry, the Pork Pie excels with sensitivity and snap. The Little Squealer Series drums give you affordable drums that can easily span genres.

Manufacturer Description:


Pork Pie snares are known for their true sounds. Whether recorded or live, the difference in your sound can be credited to your Pork Pie snare. Hearing is believing! This drum is fitted with Pork Pie's exclusive hourglass hardware and meaty 2.3mm counterhoops. It offers a wide tuning range, delivers resounding tonal quality and, sporting a satin finish and chrome hardware, does so with style.


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