Pork Pie 7x14 Beech Brass Maple Snare Drum-Natural Oil


A new offering from Pork Pie. This shell offers three tones in one small package. Beech interior, one ply of brass and a maple exterior.

What we think:

The Pork Pie 7x14 Maple Brass Snare Drum features a 16-ply shell with a sheet of Brass sandwiched right in the middle. This gives you the warmth, resonance, and musical tonality of Maple and Beech with the crack, articulation, and sensitivity of Brass. In other words, this drum is simply amazing. It features an outer veneer of Curly maple with a hand rubbed oil finish. This gives it a rich, classy look to match it's elegant sound.

Manufacturer Description:

Pork Pie drums are coveted and played by drummers all over the world. Like fine wine, there is no questioning an authentic Pork Pie drum. Pork Pie drums are known for their true sounds. Whether recorded or live, the difference in your sound can be credited to your custom Pork Pie drums. Hearing is believing!

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