Pork Pie 8x10 Little Squealer Birch/Mahogany Rack Tom Drum


Wide tuning range, delivers resounding tonal quality and, sporting a high gloss finish, does so with style.

Manufacturer Description:

The 8" x 10" Pork Pie Little Squealer Floor Tom offers a birch and mahogany construction with a black satin finish, and 2.3mm heavy-duty hoops. Bearing edges are hand-sanded and precision cut. The Little Squealer tom exhibits all of Pork Pie drums' customary painstaking attention to detail.

Pork Pie drums are coveted and played by drummers all over the world. Like fine wine, there is no questioning an authentic Pork Pie drum. Pork Pie drums are known for their true sounds. Whether recorded or live, the difference in your sound can be credited to your custom Pork Pie drums. Hearing is believing!


  • Pork Pie's progressive-ply design
  • Birch and mahogany shell
  • Black satin finish
  • chrome hourglass lugs
  • 2.3mm heavy-duty hoops
  • Hand-sanded, precision cut bearing edges

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