Pork Pie 4pc Purple Glass Glitter/White Hardware Drum Set


Superb Style, and thunerous tone from Pork Pie!

What we think:

This Pork Pie set has fun looks with serious tone. Pork Pie drums have a clarity and tone that are unrivaled. The thin maple shells offer low end punch and the 45 degree bearing edges produce clean definition that will make any soundman or recording engineer happy. In the realm of American custom made drum sets, Pork Pie is in a league of their own.

Manufacturer Description:

Pork Pie™ drums are the top-of-the-line. Standard equipment includes: 100% maple shells, Pork Rings™ mounting system, 2.3mm hoops, heavy duty spurs and our hour-glass shaped lug. Finish choices are limitless.

6 Ply Maple Rack Toms
7 Ply Maple Floor Toms
8 Ply Maple Kick Drums

Graduated Plys on all drums!


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