Pork Pie 4pc Maple Drum Set- Rosewood Zebrawood


The drum artisans at Pork Pie have always had an amazing attention to detail and this Zebrawood Maple Shell Pack returns the favor. Constructed with Pork Pie's progressive ply design, this shell pack features a maple shell interior and an exterior veneer featuring a contrasting horizontal grain zebrawood exterior with a vertical grain zebra wood pinstripe. It's an exquisite design which is only rivaled by the craftsmenship within.

Manufacturer Description:

Offering bearing edges that are hand-sanded and precision cut, the tonal quality of the shell give you the attack of the hard rosewood with the warmth of maple. The hardware includes compact lugs, exclusive to Pork Pie, and 2.3mm heavy-duty hoops that can take the best you can dish out. The mounted toms come outfitted with a Pork Rings™ mounting system and all drums are finished with Remo USA heads so you're able to enjoy the fine tones produced by these drums straight out of the box.

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