Pork Pie 3pc Hip Pig Drum Set-Nyatoa Satin


Wide tuning range, delivers resounding tonal quality and, sporting a satin finish, does so with style.

What we think:


The Pork Pie Hip Pig set is a throw back to the days of old. For this series, Bill Detamore wanted to bring back the looks and sounds of some his favorite drums. At the core of it all, the shells are constructed of a tone wood called Nyatoh. The natural satin finish accentuates grain patterns and mimic the look Walnut or Mahogany. The bass drum features the classic fold out spurs and the lugs are double-ended and mount in the center of each drum like the old Ludwig Club Date drums.
The hoops are very sturdy, 2.33mm triple flanged hoops. The claws for the bass drum are vintage looking and very sturdy too. If you are looking for a warm sounding set, without breaking the bank, look no further.


Manufacturer Description:

This Hip Pig 3-Piece Rock Shell Pack is a bold, bright-toned set of drums from Pork Pie. The 8-ply nyatoh shells pump out a warm, round tone with medium attack. These drums are equipped with vintage beaver tail lugs, heavy-duty 2.3mm hoops and vintage gull wing bass drum spurs.

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