Pork Pie 4pc Little Squealer Metallic Fade Drum Set


What an amazing value from Pork Pie!

What we think:

These drums are fantastic!  The birch and mahogany shells provide a great warm tone, perfect for any style of music.  The extra deep kick drum is powerful, puncy, and feels amazing.  Round out this kit with black hardware, suspension mounts, and remo heads, this shell pack is sure to please!

(Hardware and cymbals not included)

Manufacturer Description:

Black Ebony Satin to Metallic Fade with Chrome Hardware

Birch & Mahogany Shells: 7”x14” snare drum, 9"x12" rack tom (with mounting clamp), 16"x16”floor tom (with legs), and 20"x22" bass drum

Pork Pie's progressive ply design TM

Machine detailed finish

2.3 mm hoops

Suspension tom mount

Pork Pie exclusive lugs

Remo Heads (Taiwan)

No assembly required

Year Condition
Call Brand New


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