Power-All Basic Kit Power Supply


Universal multiple-pedal power supply

What we think:

This is a great way to power your pedals without spending a lot on a brick-style power supply that are commonly much more expensive. This unit operates clean and is simple enough to make great use of it with a variety of guitar pedals.

Call or Email Sound Pure if you have any questions about this power supply. We can also help you choose the best pedals to use with this.  That's what we're here for!

Manufacturer Description:

The world's first high-current digital power supply, the Power-All was specifically designed for guitar effect users by guitar effect users. The Power-All provides clean, consistent, noise-free power with an energy efficiency rating that archaic transformer-based adaptors just can't match.

The Power-All has recently been upgraded to provide a whopping 2000 milliamps of current to meet the demands of today's complex pedalboards and digital multi-effects. The improved Power-All also features additional noise filtering circuitry and a longer, 10 foot power cable to power your pedals more quietly and effectively.

Power-All System

As all players' needs are not the same, we are now offering the Power-All in three different configurations: PA-9S (Supply Only), PA-9B (powers 5 effects) and PA-9D (powers 11 effects). Often imitated but never matched, the Power-All's simple-yet-ingenious kit configurations include color-coded cables that provide clear, concise connections for your effects.

Featuring professional-grade construction designed to withstand the rigors of the road, we are so confident that the Power-All is superior in design and construction to any other digital power supply on the market that it comes with a lifetime warranty if anything ever goes wrong with your Power-All , we'll replace it at no charge to you!

The Power-All system: simple, ingenious, affordable and effective. Truly a Progression in Power!

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