We always grab these Premier Multivox pieces when we see them! New to the shop a 1950s Premier Bantam. This sweet little archtops got vibe for days. Premier was an instrument brand for a music store in New York city (Sorkin Music) that started in the 40s. Gotta love the sweet head stocks these guitars sport! Super fun big pearloid dot inlays on the fingerboard. Rad stair step tail piece. This archtop is unique in that it has an arched top but a flat back. And last but not least the rad and rare Franz single coil pick ups! This archtop sounds like a classic swing album! The brass knob in the horn is the pick up selector, the knob by the bridge is a master tone, the other two knobs are volumes for the pickups. This guitar is in good condition as its missing its original pick guard, knobs and case. There is also a decent amount of checking in the finish and binding. It comes with a gig bag. This is one really cool made in America electric archtop from the 50s!

Year: 1950s

Model: Bantam

Serial: 3548

Finish: Black

Case: Comes with a non original gig bag.

Weight: 5 pounds and 8.8 ounces.

Condition: This guitar is in good condition. There is a bit of checking in the finish and in the binding.

Modifications: This guitar has had a new set of knobs add. It is also missing its original pick guard.

Comments: Super fun 50s archtop with some killer pick ups!

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