Presonus FireStudio Project 10x10 24-Bit, 96kHz Firewire Recording System


10x10 24-Bit, 96kHz Firewire Recording System

Manufacturer Description:

The FireStudio Project a complete 24-bit/96K professional recording system combining eight Class A XMAX microphone preamplifiers, 24-bit/96k sample rate conversion, and a zero-latency matrix router mixer.

The FireStudio Project is bundled with PreSonus Studio One Artist, our groundbreaking music creation program, and over 4 GB of virtual instruments, plug-ins, loops, and samples to get you started making music immediately.

Great for professional studio recording, live sound recording, performance, podcasting and more, the FireStudio Project is designed for flexibility and ultra-high sonic performance. Whether you need to record a live drum set, mic a guitar amp, or a complete band, the FireStudio Project is ready and more than able. With the new FireControl Mixer/Router, you can send up to five individual mixes to different musicians during recording so that every band member can have a custom headphone mix.

The FireStudio Project can be daisy-chained with one or more FireStudio Projects or FireStudio Tubes to expand your number of recording inputs. Two and three units daisy-chained in any combination has been tested at PreSonus, however, the total number of units that can be daisy-chained depends on your computer’s processor speed, amount of RAM and computer configuration.

The FireStudio Project is the next-generation of the award-winning FP10/FirePod with the following improvements:

Improved analog to digital converters (114dB dynamic range)
Improved synchronization with JetPLL™ (jitter elimination technology)
FireControl Mixer/Router to send up to five separate zero-latency stereo mixes to musicians during recording
Three-segment LED input metering on all analog channels
Internal IEC-based power supply
PreSonus Studio One Artist bundles with Native Effects plug-ins and third-party instruments, loops, and applications.

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