That's right, my fuzz hungry friends, Pro Analog is back! And Scotty is pumping out the best of the best for his customers. The Power Driver. Based on the Colorsound Overdriver, it's designed to be used as a boost pedal to take an already broken up amp into pure warm and fuzzy tonal bliss. Or to be a dedicated fat saturation fuzz pedal. Does not comes with a box.

Giving the player the just essential controls; volume, treble, bass, and gain. But it's how they affect the effect is where the magic really happens. The gain control, from 0% to about 80%, give just the lightest touch of the fuzz. It's an underlying germanium-like accent that is added to the already overdriven/mild to moderately distorted amplifier and gives it an extremely subtle compression/bloom. But when you crank the gain to 100%; sit down, buckle up, and hold on tight.Made using NOS Silicon transistors that are matched and biased to perfection.

These no longer come with a box, as Scotty does not send them with a box.

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