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The MKIV fuzz was designed to fill a gap in the pedal world between the players who love overdrive, and players who love fuzz.

MKIV fuzz bridges that gap brilliantly and offers 2 different models for players to choose from.

The blue MKIV-vintage (germanium - silicon transistors) is for the player that prefers a traditional 1960s style tone and feel.

The green MKIV-modern (all silicon new transistors) is for the player who prefer a more modern overdrive tone and feel.

  • Level --- sets output volume of the pedal

  • Attack--- sets the amount of fuzz you want

  • Drive--- sets the amount of transistor based overdrive that is driven into the Fuzz part of the pedal.

Combining both the Drive and Attack allows the player find their own personal unique tone and voice, from a warm boost to vintage crunch, to full out high gain fuzz, sustain and distortion.


All ProAnalog Devices are designed and hand built by Scotty in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime Transferable warranty.

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ProAnalog Devices
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