My dear friend Jason Kostal, world renown luthier, has decided to sell part of his amazing guitar collection and has invested his trust in me to handle it.
As he explains in the video himself "It is time to let someone who will play them enjoy these world class instruments".
The instruments were kept in a humidity and temperature controlled room and are pretty much in new condition. They were used as a "sound library", barely played yet perfectly maintained in top condition. Please contact me for international shipping as price and regulations may vary greatly.

This is a rare "Brazilian rosewood" board and headstock veneer PRS Custom 24 30th anniversary. It is pretty much like new condition with original case & candy. Beautiful top, classic vintage yellow finish just like back in 1985 :)

from PRS' Website: "When PRS Guitars started in 1985, there was no “Core” line. There were simply two models: the PRS Custom and the PRS Guitar. As PRS’s history has unfolded, the need to refer to the guitars that most closely grew from these first instruments and the first manufacturing philosophies became apparent…and the “Core” line moniker was born. As the name suggests, these instruments are at the core, the heart of PRS.
The 30th Anniversary Custom 24 celebrates thirty years of building the guitars Paul saw the need for in the 1970’s and 80’s. It celebrates ingenuity, quality, and persistence."

Jason Talking about his collection:

Vintage Tone

Vintage Tone

Yellow burst
Original Hard
$3,750 down from $5,500 31 % off
Vintage Tone
Antoine Gedroyc