Inner conductors in all SC series cables utilize finely stranded, oxygen-free, high
conductivity copper to provide the best signal transmission qualities possible. The stranding
utilized in the inner conductors of our SC series cable is typically much finer than that used
by most of our competitors, with the total number of strands within the conductor generally
numbering over twice the amount found in other brands. Although the cost of this type of
stranding is considerably greater than that of the stranding found in other brands, it offers
multiple benefits to the user. First, by increasing the total number of strands within the
conductor, we take advantage of what is known as the “skin effect.” The “skin effect” refers
to the fact that the higher frequencies of audio signals typically travel on the outside of the
strands within the conductors. By, utilizing more strands within the individual conductors,
the overall fidelity of the cable is improved. Another very noticeable benefit to the finer
stranding is that the mechanical flexibility of the cable is improved.
To take advantage of the more flexible conductor, the jacketing material chosen for the SC
series cables is constructed from specially formulated compounds that offer exceptional
flexibility while offering the durability required of a professional quality speaker cable.

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