Offered for sale;

Used Quilter 101 Mini head and Blockdock Frontliner 2x8w cabinet.

This head and cabinet are in excellent condition, fully functional showing little playing time.

“The 100 Series is our bedroom friendly lower wattage heads designed for smaller stages, and for the home studio. [Although we have used it outside with plenty of headroom] Dockable with our BlockDock Series cabinets to build your very own combo.”

101 Mini Head;
“Imagine being able to pack 5 of history's greatest sounding amplifiers into a package so small it fits in the pouch of your gig bag. Imagine a head so light you almost forgot it was there. Imagine a streamlined set up that only takes a few moments. Forget about the problems you are used to, like bad voltage or tiny stages. Plug it in and turn it up. Your friends stop snickering and their jaws begin to drop as a generous helping of Quilter wattage fills the room. Now they are asking where to get theirs.”

“Real world power that sounds even bigger than tube technology. Unlike last-generation solid state technologies, Quilter amplifiers have enormous internal headroom far above our published rated power. This means you get extra voltage swing, huge transients and, more importantly, the feel and harmonic content you can't usually get without glowing bottles.”

Blockdock Frontliner 2x8w speaker cabinet;
Introducing the most advanced guitar amplification system available for the guitarist of today. The Frontliner 2x8W allows you to mount any Quilter “Block” style amplifier in the rear mounted docking bay, turning it into a powerful grab and go 200-watt combo. Pick it up with one hand, walk onstage and easily outperform cumbersome 4x12 rigs!

Traditional bulky guitar combos have narrow dispersion patterns and cranking them up leaves the audience in pain and the sound man angry. Tilt back legs or stands help but kill bass response and don’t eliminate comb filtering from unwanted reflections. The Frontliner 2x8W’s 20-degree speaker angle and ultra-wide dispersion aim your tone where you need it instead of blasting the front row. The closed back cuts down on unwanted reflections making your sound more controlled and focused.

No "modelling", no voodoo, no smoke & mirrors and most of all NO COMPROMISE. Just superior tone and performance in an analog solid state, ultra-light weight amp. Pat Quilter is not trying to get you to trade in your tube amps. But you'll probably find yourself using them less and less.

“We test every used amp and pedal when we buy it and bring it up to our standards before we offer it for sale. Then we burn it in for an hour or so before we ship so that there are no surprises.”

Power Output: 0 to 100 watts maximum, 4-8 ohms

AC Power Req.: 100–240Vac, 50–60 Hz, 150 W maximum

Input Connection: ¼" mono, 2M input impedance, 6V peak

Effects Send: ¼” mono, 1V full scale, 600 ohms

Effects Return: ¼” mono, 1V full scale, 47K

Headphone Output: 3.5mm mini jack, 4V peak

Speaker 1 Output: 8 ohms, 60-100 W recommended speaker rating

Speaker 2 Output: 4 ohms, 60-100 W recommended speaker rating

Dual Speakers 1+2: 8 ohms each, 30-50W recommended rating each

H x W x D (with feet): 3.15” (80mm) x 8.5” (216mm) x 5.8” (147mm)

Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.1kg)

Speakers: 2x8 concert-grade Celestion TF0818 drivers

Power handling 200 watts RMS

CNC milled footcups to precisely locate amplifier in docking bay

Quick release thumbscrews let you detach your head for fly dates

Brushed, black anodized, aluminum plate securely retains amplifier

High grade, ultra-light plywood for minimum weight

Heavy duty input jack and speaker wiring with strain relief terminations

Chrome plated, rubber cushioned steel reinforced handle

130-degree dispersion with 20-degree speaker tilt delivers wide, clear coverage

T-5052 aircraft grade anodized aluminum alloy grill

Ballistic nylon cover (included) protects your investment

Accepts Quilter 101 Series, or Quilter “Block” style amplifiers

Designed as the ultimate portable solution to turn your Tone Block, Pro Block, 101, or other Quilter "Block"
style amplifier into an instant combo without sacrificing the portability of your head

Dimensions: 20.2 x 13.5 x 11.3 in.

Weight: 25 lb.

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mark on an instrument or amp that is not in the "mint" category. Also, what's important to you may not be important to someone else. For example, you may say, "I don't care what it looks like as long as it plays or sounds well." Another person may say, "Body cosmetics are very important to me so tell me about every scratch, nick and blemish." So, please ask the questions that are most important to you. If you ask they will be answered. They are free and there's no limit. Additional photos can also be made available.

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