Raezer's Edge Stealth 10 Speaker Cabinet


This cabinet is our most balanced performer

Manufacturer Description:

Stealth 10 This cabinet is our most balanced performer. Provides an even response across all frequencies with plenty of warmth. Highly recommended for all styles of music, all instruments and all venues. Very portable as well. Because of the portability, many customers use them with their stereo amps, in pairs. The output is good for small to medium clubs and perfect with 6 and 7 string guitars.

*One 10'' speaker @8ohms 225 watts total
*weight 22 lbs.
*size 15.5 w x 17 h x 11 d
*range 50 Hz to 5k Hz

Sound Pure
Durham, NC
4:19 PM
10am-6pm EST Monday-Friday and 11am-5pm Saturday