Waylon Jennings Collection:

  1. 1975 Randall Commander 210 Amp Serial number 127570 Owned and used by Waylon Jennings in the mid 70’s through early 80’ This the amp featured in the Randall Ad in Guitar player magazine November 1975

  2. 1975 November issue of Guitar player featuring the Randall Add.

  3. 1970’s MXR Phase 90 Given to Waylon from Eric Clapton

  4. 1970’s Maestro Phase shifter with Foot pedal

  5. 1980’s Boss Super Phase rPH-2

  6. DeArmond Volume pedal

  7. 5 Waylon Jennings Albums 1 Autographed and one Yellow Vinyl promo album

  8. Easton Press limited Waylon Jennings Autobiography Autographed

  9. (12) 8 “X 10” Promotional headshots most autographed and dated.

  10. Dukes of Hazard 45 RPM single

  11. Dukes of Hazard Sheet music

  12. Dukes of Hazard Cash box Magazine

  13. Waylon Jennings 1 commemorative silver coin

  14. Waylon Jennings Belt Buckle in silver

  15. Waylon Jennings Belt with guitar belt buckle

  16. 8 Personal pictures with Johnny Cash and Willy Nelson

  17. 2 AP News Memeo news releases

  18. Highwayman concert shirt personally worn

  19. VHS Limited Set of county artist including WJ

  20. Limited Artist print bandana from charity event

  21. WJ personal Christmas card

  22. Highwayman 1990 unused backstage pass

All Items were personal effects from Waylon Jennings.

Comes with a letter authentication from the seller whom bought these items personally from Waylon Jennings.

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