The pursuit is over! The Raw Vintage RV-50 & 60 pickups are the perfect solution to restoring your guitar to vintage specs

Hand made with period accurate specs, the RV-50 & RV-60 pickups are
“American style” pickups that have meaty mid- range and creamy vintage
tones that that come as close to the original as anything. With extra
coil winds the RV-60 pickups have a hotter output than the 50s with
rolled off highs and a punchier mid-range that work well with old school
“straight to amp” and new school multi effect high gain players.
Hand wound and assembled in sunny Southern California, the Raw
Vintage USA pickups are built with Alnico 5 magnets, single Formvar
copper wire, vintage style push back cloth leads and dipped in layers of
lacquer and wax. The result is an amazingly pure sound and a clarity
that perfectly compliment the natural tone and harmonics of any guitar.

• • • •

Alnico 5 magnets
Period accurate copper wire thickness and wrap
Vintage style push back cloth leads
Hand wound in Southern California
Output 5.4K


Raw Vintage has been manufacturing top of the line saddles, springs
and pickups for guitar players for over a decade. Located in Los Angeles
CA, Raw Vintage provides musicians with the parts to restore their
instruments to period accurate vintage specs. Raw Vintage’s newest line
of Raw Vintage USA pickups are hand wound in Southern California with
exceptional quality and attention to detail. Your ears will notice the

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Xotic USA

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