Vintage American 12AX7’s are some of the most popular vacuum tubes in history! Made in the heyday of vintage electronics, our collection of USA-made 12AX7’s will bring your amp to life with full and robust tones that modern tubes lack. With household names like RCA, GE, Sylvania and CBS, our tubes were stock in some of the most legendary vintage amps including: Fender, Silvertone, Gibson and Dan Electro (just to name a few).
American tubes are known for their shimmering high tones and their deep, warm low end. These tonal characteristics have come to define “The American Sound.” It is no coincidence that American amps sound like the American tubes they relied on. So, if you are looking for quintessential American tones, you must consider American-made preamp tubes.
Ever wonder why vintage amps sound so good? The answer is simple: quality. From the speaker to the capacitors, to the tubes, vintage amps typically have higher quality components than their modern counterparts, and as a result they perform better. Vintage tubes are part of this picture as they were made by hand at a time when companies where investing millions to make the best tubes possible. Our tubes last longer and sound better than any modern tube
Vintage tubes last longer! Modern companies take shortcuts to increase profits, and this decreases the quality of their products. We have heard dozens of horror stories from folks who have gone through several modern tubes in a year due to malfunction, and it was not until they switched to vintage tubes that the problem was solved. If you want a tube that will last thousands of hours in your Marshall or Fender amp, vintage valves are a no brainer and pay for themselves many times over.
Fuzz Audio One Year Warranty! Today’s tube manufacturers do not guarantee their products. At Fuzz Audio, we stand by our products and offer a one year warranty covering all tubes we sell. Tubes, especially preamp tubes, should last thousands of hours of use and tolerate abuse. We guarantee each customer will get a tube that lasts!

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