This mic was just rebuilt by 87 year old Clarence Kane of Enak Microphones in New Jersey to original RCA specifications. Mr Kane’s customers have included Les Paul, Chet Atkins and Pixar Animation Studios. Kane still uses the same repair bench he worked at 40 years ago in RCA’s broadcast division facility in Camden, N.J. and he has all the original RCA factory tools to make ribbons and service all RCA mics. The last RCA 77 was sold in 1978, but is well known by the general public for it's service on the desk of Johnny Carson during his “Tonight” show years as well as being the desk mic on “Larry King Live”. The 77 is also is revered by countless numbers of recording studios, from performers like Hoagy Carmichael to newsmen like Edward R. Murrow. Mr Kane replaced the ribbon and the cable but we requested that no cosmetic work be done so the mic performs like new but still has the patina of a lifetime of use and it still has its original desk stand base. The mic has hand engraving on the side of the body that says television station WHYY and the numbers 77-7 and 120. WHYY is greater Philadelphia's leading PBS station, serving southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and all of Delaware for more than 50 years.

The RCA Type 77-D is a high-fidelity multidirectional ribbon or velocity type microphone. The 77-D was introduced in 1945 and remained in the catalog for about ten years until it was replaced by the Type 77-DX. The shape of the mic is so iconic that graphic artists routinely use its widely recognized shape to indicate public speech (ever see the SIRI icon on your IPhone?) and for many collectors the RCA 77-D ribbon microphone is the cream of the crop, and network or call-letter markings on this microphone are highly prized. The mic has an adjustable shutter over a slot in the tube that leads to an acoustic labyrinth inside the mic body that can be rotated with a screwdriver to select uni-directional, non-directional, and bi-directional patterns as well as three (L-1, L-2, L-3) additional patterns. There is another selector switch on the bottom of the lower shell marked M for music program, and V1 and V2 for voice programs to attenuate the low-frequency response in close-micing situations (proximity effect) when using the directional pickup patterns. Get yourself a piece of music and broadcast history!

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