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Real Traps Gobo Traps 2-High

Manufacturer Description:

The GoboTrap system consists of a metal carriage with wheels that accommodates either standard or "Gobo" MiniTraps. The traps are stacked sideways on the carriage to create a gobo that's four feet wide, and two or three traps can be attached for a total height of either four or six feet. [Metric: 122 cm wide by 122 or 183 cm high] The GoboTrap carriage hovers very low to the floor to minimize sound leakage under the traps, and the wheels are large enough to roll easily on thick carpet or over wires.

You can use either standard MiniTraps or GoboTraps, depending on the application. To create an acoustically dead sounding area or an enclosed booth within a larger space, or for use as a large portable absorber to change the liveness of a room, you'll use standard MiniTraps. For maximum isolation, perhaps to surround a drum set or loud amplifier, you'll instead use GoboTraps.

GoboTraps are the same size and weight as a MiniTrap, and are available in standard and HF versions. Standard GoboTraps are absorbent on the rear and reflective on the front, where the HF type is absorbent on both sides. Both are built with an internal barrier to block sound from passing through.

For most uses the HF type with both sides absorbent is preferred GoboTraps are sold in a variety of configurations - as a package that includes two or three MiniTraps or GoboTraps, as GoboTrap panels only, with a clear Plexiglass top section as shown above as the second image, or you can buy just the carriage for use with existing MiniTraps

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