Real Traps Micro Traps


Real Traps Micro Traps Acoustic Treatment

Manufacturer Description:

MicroTraps are similar to MiniTraps except thinner, and their absorption does not extend to as low a frequency. MicroTraps are ideal for placing at the first reflections points in a listening room, or wherever general mid and high frequency absorption is needed. For example, to tame reflections in a vocal booth or for overall ambience reduction at speech frequencies in large live spaces such as noisy bars, restaurants, and factories.

MicroTraps are 2 by 4 feet by 1-1/4 inch thick, and weigh 8 pounds. [Metric: 61 x 122 x 3.5 cm, 3.5 kg] They are available in the High Frequency type only since that is their main purpose. They also attach easily to microphone stands as shown in the photo above, or use our RealTraps Stands described below. This is a great solution for apartment dwellers who can't mount anything to the walls permanently. Stand mounting also lets you create a temporary vocal booth, or use the same traps in different places within a room to change the acoustics, or even use the same traps in different rooms

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