Real Traps Quiet Zone Recording Booth


The Real Traps Quiet Zone is a sleek, ergonomic solution to your vocal isolation needs!

Manufacturer Description:

The RealTraps Quiet Zone is a portable recording booth that's large enough to create a quiet and acoustically dead recording environment for many recording applications. It's ideal for singers and voiceover artists, as well as brass players. Based on three MicroTrap panels each 2 by 4 feet, the RealTraps Quiet Zone weighs only 32 pounds and assembles easily with just a screwdriver, and at 6'7" high even very tall people can be accommodated. The QuietZone needs about 40 inches (width) by 26 inches (depth) of floorspace.

The Quiet Zone features a much larger, free-standing setup that offers three times the absorbing surface area of the RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth, and double the surface area of the RealTraps Carrel.

We also offer a Cell Phone Privacy Station model for use in airports, restaurants, or other noisy locations where patrons will appreciate a quiet and private area to use their cell phones. The basic design is the same as the Quiet Zone, but with large lettering on the rear of the center panel to make its presence and purpose obvious to passersby.

Available fabric colors for both models are black, white, wheat, and gray, though the metal frame and legs are available in black only.

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