9.9 out of 10 condition! Clean no tolex tears. Great color! The amplifier is remarkable. The Tweedy Verb is a trouble-free reliable amplifier...with a myriad of tone options. Fantastic versatile (Fender to Dumble tones) loud 40 watt amp in a compact package. No computer plug-in power cord. The AC power cord is hard-wired to the chasis (yes!). Dimensions are 18x17x10 Foot switch included!Sounds incredible!

The TweedyVerb is the perfect grab-and-go amp -- a very loud 40 watts (2 6L6 tubes) in a "Princeton" sized package. Is 40 watts too much? Then the TweedyVerb also has a selectable 17 watt output thru the pentode/triode toggle switch on the front of the amp. This is Redplate's smallest package but packs a punch. This may be our smallest offering but still a flexible and pedal friendly amp with the ability to match up to all guitar types-the perfect "sleeper amp" for jam night. The two tube medium tank reverb goes from subtle to surf and all points in between.

3-way Mode Switch - Fat/Thin/Normal

Tone Stack Bypass -- Turn the Tone knob all the way counter-clockwise and remove the whole tone stack from the circuit to get a "guitar-straight-to-volume-and-master" path that is clean and powerful

Presence Bypass -- Dial in just the right amount of brightness or remove the presence control from circuit

Two tube medium tank reverb -- Can be turned off to create more headroom by removing it from the circuit

2-Button Foot switch -- The foot switch lets you choose Clean, Dirty, Funky and Boost.
Sports a killer sounding WGS (Warehouse Guitar Speaker) and Mercury Magnetics Trannys.
Portable and great for gigs Pedal friendly.

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