Regal 'Volcanoes' c 1930 | $1475 | (v2103) One of the glitzier offerings from the venerable Regal company in Chicago, this guitar is likely a Depression Era piece when many manufacturers had to produce a less expensive guitar but have it remain desirable to the buying public. Oscar Schmidt had the 'decalcomania' line of guitars, Gibson the Kel Kroydon (some with eerily similar volcanoes!), Kalamazoo and others, and Regal offered this example. Held next to a Kel Kroydon 'volcanoes' guitar, it's easy to see the similarities. There are a few minor differences, but the two are so close one wonders which came first .. the Kel or the Regal?

The guitar is constructed using all solid woods. The back and sides are birch. The top is spruce, ladder braced, and bound in colorful marquetry often seen on Regals of the era. The tropical scene in stenciled and there appears to be some hand-painted details added, such as the white tops of the two volcanoes. The neck is likely poplar with a 'soft V' profile. The fingerboard is likely maple and is overlaid with silver sparkle celluloid. The position markers are black-painted stencil designs. The headstock is topped with gold sparkle. The bridge is maple painted black. Overall, an 'artsy' guitar if there ever was one, but either didn't sell well or was made in very small numbers because this motif is very rare in the vintage market!

The body measures 13" across at the lower bout. Scale length is 24 7/8". The neck measures 1 13/16" across at the nut, and string spacing is 2 1/4" across at the saddle.

The guitar is all original but for one bridge pin and the saddle, and remains in excellent overall condition. We recently reset the neck, reglued the back braces (one is a replacement), reglued the bridge and leveled and dressed the frets.

The action is set a 5/64" with 11-50 bronze strings and the guitar plays smoothly. The tone is the typical 'boxy' ladder braced sound with ringing sustain. Not just a wall hanger, but a great guitar for country blues and old time music that just happens to look great!

Comes with a new hard case.

Check the sound clip.

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