Reverend Double Agent OG Coffee Burst Electric Guitar


The Double Agent OG by Reverend - so sleek and smooth you'll never know how it got past you.

What we think:

This Double Agent OG is a spectacular guitar, and I never expected to like it as much as I do. But alas, here I am, completely swayed by the ways of our Reverend.

The body style is tame for a Reverend and a little reminiscent of the T-style guitars we grew up loving, but they happen to have a little more moden flare on them. The bass contour knob really completes the sound and rounds everything up, making that airy lower mid section really fatten up and come to life. The sound your left with is rich and full throughout the tonal spectrum and leaves you wanting more. The Humbucker in the bridge and P90 in the neck work wonderfully together and really compliment eachother when used in the middle position. Glassy treble frequencies, sweet mids and a low-end that's rounder than a circle. There's nothing about this Reverend I don't like. 

Manufacturer Description:

The Double Agent OG (Original Guitar) is back! It has the same Humbucker/P90 pickups, but on a single cutaway body, with a tuneomaticbridge and stop tail. Now, hardtail fans can switch seamlessly from powerful to cool. And when the pickups are combined, the tone is a unique depth-meets-twang unlike anything else.

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